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Indoor Unit

  • Check conditions and accessories
  • Inspect and clean fan coil cover and air filters with water detergent if necessary
  • Clean evaporator fin to ensure high efficiency
  • Brush fan wheel if necessary
  • Clean drain pan & vacuum drainage pipe

Outdoor Unit

  • Check and dry clean condensor coil & blow condensing unit with blower
  • Check compressor condition, especially for sign of corrosion and abnormal noise operation
  • Check refrigerant pressure if necessary

One-time General Air Con Servicing & Maintenance

Yearly Contract Air Con Servicing & Maintenance

Aircon Chemical Cleaning Service

Checking, Troubleshooting & Aircon Repair


Purchasing an Air Con is a necessity especially in a warm weather country. Investing on a good Air Con unit is wise and maintaining the unit is wiser so that it functions optimally for years. We are experts in conducting general Air Con servicing and maintenance whether you want our service just one-time or periodically. We advise you on Air Con parts which need regular checking, these are those most susceptible to wear-and-tear, such as Thermistor (air and gas), Fan Motor, PC Board’s, Capacitor, Train Lines and Gas Pressure. Keeping these parts in top shape will ensure your Air Con unit’s longer lasting performance.


We also provide yearly service and maintenance for 3 or more air con units in a bundle. The advantage of a yearly contract is that you are assured of not missing out on scheduled maintenance, thus preventing unit breakdown, improving its performance, and ensuring that you are breathing cleaner air all year round. Good health and a great and comfortable experience can only come from Pure Air.


If the performance of your Air Con unit does not improve by general maintenance alone, our chemical cleaning service provides a total chemical wash of internal Air Con parts such as fan coil, drainage device, and all other parts. The result is a leak-free unit that is also powered up to optimum performance. With an optimal unit, you cut costs on use of power (the unit is capable of cooling an area within a shorter time period) and you also save by prolonging the lifespan of your unit.


You can count on us to advise you on the most economical and efficient approach to troubleshooting and Air Con repair. Upon inspection, we provide you with our comprehensive finding as well as the best action to take. Conducting regular checks and nipping a potential problem in the bud is our most recommended approach to keeping your air con maintenance cost low and ensuring that your air con unit will last you years.

Book an appointment with us today and we will provide you excellent price points for troubleshooting and repair!